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Testimonials: Testimonial

“I am a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and I treat a lot kids with knee, shoulder, and ankle injuries as well as neck and back pain. This app is extremely well organized and has simple and clear instructions with excellent pictures for patients to follow. There are over 200 exercises including many not included in several popular texts. Some are arranged as a set such as “core”, “rotator cuff”, “knee” and “ankle” for one-touch programming and these sets are well thought out and complete. The interface is simple for practitioners to quickly develop a home exercise program with sets, reps, and an additional instructions section. The exercise program may be emailed as a PDF or printed very quickly in the office for patients to take home. This app is well thought out and executed. I use it most to get kids started before their first PT appointment, to add on extra exercises to what my PT practitioners have prescribed for the kids, and for patients who really can’t afford PT or who have no coverage. I also use it for all those curbside consults throughout the day. With my iPad mini w LTE I can literally give a program on the spot by email.”

I use this all the time

“I have been a Physical Therapist for 15 years and work at a leading hospital in NYC and am an adjunct professor and I can’t recommend this app enough. The app is easy to use, covers exercises for all patient levels, and has very clear and descriptive illustrations and instructions. I have impressed my patients by offering this service to them and it has taken my homecare practice to a new level.”

Changed how I practice

"I love this app as it allows me to assemble the home program in patient’s house. I wish it’s available for iPhone as well so I don’t have to wait till I get to office to email it. Also having a Spanish translation will be nice since I work on the west."

I love it!!

"This app offers a wide array of exercises for every body region and includes sets of exercises specific to certain protocols to make it quick and easy to provide them to a patient. My private patients have already commented on the pictures and patient friendly directions. All of the classic and relevant exercises are in here and you email them directly to your client which is great. At first I did not think I needed this as I have access to exercise programs at work, however, I’ve already used this numerous times. It’s great to provide exercises on the spot to family and friends as well."

Great app!!

I was hesitant to buy this application because many physical therapy applications are difficult to use and are limited with exercises. Right away, I could tell this application was something else. TherX is easy to navigate through and provides a great variety of exercises. All the different exercises offered make it perfect for any type of professional therapy such as chiropractic and physical therapy. This app is very simple so it could even be used for personal use. Job well done!

Quick and easy

"Professional appearance with superior graphics. User friendly but geared toward the clinician. As a physical therapist I have just begun using it with my homecare patients, but wondering how I lived without it. Superb"

Diversity meets simplicity

"I downloaded this app for my clinical staff and I’m glad I did…now this will be our new exercise program. Not only is it well worth the money, but we were paying much more for a web-based program which was giving us issues. My staff love the pre-set routines. Nicely done!"

Simply superb

"It has the most common exercises used for each section of the body. Very helpful for setting up my patients’ HEPs quickly and individualizing based on the need."

Will come in handy

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