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About this App

  • Do you often find yourself wishing you had an application at your fingertips that allows you to design a personalized exercise program for your clients or patients?

  • Rehab TherX allows the rehabilitation professional and/or client to design an exercise program from their iPad and iPad mini … On the go!

  • Our comprehensive and easy to use App allows you to tailor an exercise program to your or your patients’ needs.

  • Multiple filters ensure the user will find the desired exercise in seconds.

  • After you have selected the desired exercises, you may choose the sets, repetitions, hold time, and amount of times per day/week.

  • Upon completing the exercise program, the user has the option to print and/or send the program via email directly to the patient straight from their mobile tablet

  • Some additional features include:

    • Patient database

    • Ability to view and edit past exercise programs

    • User profile

    • Optional ability to take a picture of your patient/client

    • Pre-set routines

    • No Ads, No monthly fees

    • Who will Rehab TherX be useful for:

    • Physical therapists

    • Occupational therapists

    • Physical Therapist Assistants

    • Occupational Therapist Assistants

    • Patients/Clients

    • Athletic Trainers

    • Orthopedic Surgeons

    • Neurological Surgeons

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